BlueNight® Screener

Sleepinnov - La solution de dépistage des troubles du sommeil.

BlueNight® Screener

Based on an innovative method of sleep fragmentation analysis, BlueNight® Screener is a non-invasive ambulatory solution that allows you to easily record your patient’s clinical readings from their home, for the screening of respiratory pathologies such as sleep apnea.

Fields of application:

  • Screening for respiratory disorders associated with oxygen desaturations during sleep,
  • Follow up sleep apnea treatment efficiency (CPAP).


BlueNight® Screener, is an innovative solution that integrates:

  • BlueNight® Reader software for data revision and analysis.
  • Analysis of sleep fragmentation by the detection of autonomic micro-arousals and analysis of oxygen desaturations (delta index).
  • Data automatically transferred to your computer, allowing manual or automatic analysis.

Create easily interpreted and personalized reports in DOC or PDF format with just a few clicks.

Full report Summarized report

Simplicity and ease of user

BlueNight® Screener offers the patient greater freedom and comfort during tests at the hospital or at home.

Objective and simplified analysis of sleep fragmentation

Objective analysis of sleep fragmentation by the detection of autonomic micro-arousals of respiratory and non-respiratory origin.

A powerful database for simple management of patient records.

Immediate and customizable report editing (full, partial or shared) in DOC or PDF format, including Epworth test results as required.

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