Spiri is a remote monitoring device compatible with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines and non-invasive ventilators.

The integration of WiFi and Bluetooth technologies in addition to GSM, gives the Spiri various means of communication for the transmission of recorded data. This innovation ensures that Spiri is adaptable to the constant changes in the dynamic sector of telemedicine and home care.

Spiri is an easy-to-use remote monitoring device that is connected between the treatment device and the patient circuit and can be used in the presence of a heated humidifier.

The CPAP parameters measured are:

  • duration of use,
  • respiratory rate (mean, 90th percentile, maximum),
  • leakage index,
  • apnea / hypopnea index,
  • time spent in apnea / hypopnea


The ventilation parameters measured are:

  • duration of use,
  • respiratory rate (mean, 90th percentile, maximum),
  • inspiratory pressure,
  • expiratory pressure

Your patients’ data can be consulted from any computer connected to the Internet. Access to the data is given in compliance with the applicable health and privacy regulations relating to the handling and processing of personal health data.

An intuitive software application enables a simple and efficient management of your Spiri modules and generates reports summarizing your patients’ clinical data.

The data is analyzed and recorded from the very first minute of use and sent daily.

The clinical data is automatically transmitted, allowing an even more efficient relationship between the provider, the patient and the prescribing physician.

LED indicators also allow the patient to evaluate the duration of use of his or her treatment and the exact identification of the periods during which the data transmission takes place.

Spiri is a CE marked medical device that meets all relevant safety standards both electronically and in terms of radio emissions.

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