Choose telemedicine and securely collect and transmit health and care data directly from a patient’s home.

This solution addresses home care and nursing organizations and providers, nursing homes, healthcare institutions and health insurance companies that wish to develop a service for the tracking of physiological parameters and / or care provided to their patients as well as Teleconsultations.

@gil-IT is a complete telemedicine solution that incorporates:

  • An interface (tablet) for gathering information and transmitting it in a secure way.
  • A scanner for the transmission of prescriptions directly to our clients’ information system.
  • An ID card reader for reliable authentication of the health professional connecting to the information system in order to input care data.
  • Our connected medical sensors (blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, actimetry sensor). The solution can be adapted to integrate any other equipment.
  • Secure tele-transmission and interoperability of care data.
  • Safeguarding of data by authenticating users via a health professional ID card reader and / or strong authentication by VPN (private network).
  • Teleconsultation with an innovative and interoperable application (smartphone, PC, tablet) to allow video-calling to the patient’s home.


@gil-IT is an interoperable solution that is easily integrated into the customer’s existing information system.

Easy of use

A user-friendly interface allows users to easily take advantage of a product that integrates complex and powerful solutions (medical sensors, video calling).


@gil-IT’s software architecture is optimized to facilitate the evolution and the addition of new functionalities in order to best meet the current and future needs of our customers.


The data collected is transmitted in compliance with the relevant heath and privacy standards and regulations. This security is ensured from start to finish, in other words, from the patient’s home right up to the server receiving the data.

Remote monitoring  

Updates and monitoring of the solution are managed remotely via a secure connection.