BlueNight® Trainer

BlueNight® Trainer

Improve the control of treatment effectiveness for your oxygen therapy patients and optimize the follow-up of their rehabilitation program.

The BlueNight® Trainer ambulatory system is a wireless, ergonomic and comprehensive solution that integrates:

  • A Nonin pulse oximetry sensor
  • A tablet preinstalled with the BlueNight® software
  • BlueNight® Acor+ software for data management on your PC
  • Dyspnea evaluation: a dyspnea test (EVA or Borg) is proposed at the beginning and at the end of the recording.
  • Real-time measurements: the software records data in real time throughout the distinct rest, walking, recovery and pause phases.
  • Full report: on your computer, the software automatically calculates the theoretical distance (Enright or Troosters) based on the patient’s physiological data and compares it with the actual distance completed during the test.

Improves the control of treatment effectiveness

During a 6-minute walk test, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate are measured by the oximeter and displayed in real time on the tablet via secure Bluetooth® technology. Record oxygen flow changes in real-time for an even more accurate report.

Optimize the monitoring of the rehabilitation program

The data is recorded, stored and viewable immediately after the test. The relevant parameters are automatically calculated and enable quick and reliable clinical interpretation of the results. DOC or PDF reports can be easily printed on demand.

Simplify multi-test analysis

A database allows you to track your patient’s progress by comparing several walk tests in a single report.

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